Things I Am Doing At GenCon, UPDATED

So GenCon is August 15-18th. It’s a big deal in the gaming community, a chance for relatively disparate elements and people to convene for a week in the middle of the US and hang out, reconnect, connect for the first time and play great games together.

My first GenCon was last year. And OH WOW was it amazing. All my friends were there, I got to see my friends’ successes, I got to share some of my own successes with others.

Of interest to me were the panels, where loads of people would come hang out and talk about whatever the topic was for an hour or two. I went to some great ones (Phil Menard’s panel on depression was intense, but wonderful), I went to some not-great ones (there was a panel that was so disorganized I can’t even recall what it was about for the whole hour I sat in the room), and I thought to myself “I’m going to run a panel at GenCon some year.”

“Some year” is THIS year.

SEM1345150 Depression, Anxiety, Treatment and the Gamer

Thursday  4pm – 5pm
Crowne Plaza : Victoria Stn C/D

This seminar is more a conversation between people who are struggling with mental illness (and are now in various stages of treatment), yet don’t let their illness(es) define them or stop them from producing the material they love. Come hang out with us and let’s talk openly about how not to let the monsters win while we make awesome games.

SEM1341483 Writing Effective Scenarios & Settings 
Friday 11am – 1pm
Crowne Plaza Grand Ballroom D

Learn what it takes to write the best scenarios and settings you can, regardless of the system used or your experience level.
This seminar will be universal in scope – not focusing on solely one system over others, but looking rather at successful components found in MANY systems that you can take advantage of when writing your own.

SEM1345042 The Writer/Editor Relationship **
Friday 2pm – 3pm
Embassy Suites : Coronation 1

Learn from Brian Engard (writer, Bulldogs! Fate Core) and John Adamus, (editor Evil Hat Productions, Margaret Weis Productions) about the relationship between writer and editor.

** aka John and Brian Talk About Shit 

SEM1341489 Writing Q&A
Saturday 11am – 1pm
UPDATE! Crowne Plaza : Hay Market B
No matter what you’re writing (a game, a novel, a movie, etc) you’ve no doubt got questions. This seminar is the place to get answers to whatever writing-related quandaries you have.
This seminar is driven by your questions, whether they’re questions about writing a good sentence, a good story, getting an agent, getting published, editing your RPG, tweaking your LARP or whatever — if you have questions about something you’re writing, this is the place to get answers and help. If you’re familiar with Dreamation, Metatopia and DexCon, this is a Gen Con-sized version of the Writing Workshop held there.
Wow. Just, wow, this is amazing, and I want to just encourage everyone to drop in, say hi, hang out and have some great discussions.

I am incredibly grateful, humbled and excited to have the chance to present not only a new workshop on scenarios and settings, but also do my more traditional Q&A on a much bigger scale.

See you in Indianapolis.

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