Wonder what it’s like to work with me? Here’s a few people who have:

“John knows the score when it comes to the mechanics of our language, but also, the mechanics of story, and you can see that in the way his social media presence is devoted to helping writers and storytellers improve their craft every damn day.” — Chuck Wendig, NYT Bestselling Author

“From books to movies to everything in between, working with John will absolutely make your creative efforts better.” – Z A Maxfield

John is a great person to work with. He had infinite amount of patience with me while I processed my ideas. I used him as a sounding board and he would help me follow a process. I ended up not publishing my idea but John helped me understand it and if I end up bringing it back I will gladly hire him back.” — Josh Rensch

Working with John resulted in far more than a polished manuscript. Through his coaching I improved as both a writer and a reader. I was challenged to be better, to be honest, and to get the damn words on the page. I’ve always been blown away by John’s ability to highlight strengths & weaknesses in writing, articulating them in straightforward ways. That level of feedback made it easy for me to edit my work and gain the most crucial element to any writer: CONFIDENCE!” — Chris Kreuter

“After working with John for a year, I just don’t know why I didn’t do it sooner. My work has been published, I work more productively more often, and I’m happier overall. If you’ve ever said, ‘I want to be a writer’, you absolutely need to talk to John.” — Fred Doot

I worked on my first novel for twelve years. I toiled on my own, manipulating the story over and over with every intention of publishing the book one day (when it was perfect). I thought I was being diligent, but in reality I was terrified to complete the story, to trust myself that it was good enough. That I was good enough.
In January of 2016 I decided I owed my novel financial investment to take it where time alone did not, and sought out John’s editing services .
In our first Skype session on January 29 I received such an insightful, constructive, honest, and critical examination of my story that propelled me from fear to excitement. I instantly and viscerally recognized his commentary as the truth of what was holding my story back (hint: it was largely my fear, but also lots of plot stuff). We worked to strip the story down to its essence and build it back up again. John didn’t just issue commands, but tried to help me find answers for myself. It was clearly important to him that I get the ‘why’ as much as the ‘what.’
After spending a decade fighting against iteration after iteration, I wrote a fresh draft of a much more streamlined story, and I did it in five months. After less than a year, I am preparing to publish this book, and am a third of the way through its sequel. Just like that.
John wants you to succeed, but he also wants you to develop yourself as the individual artist you are. He wants you to learn, not just produce. He wants you to get out of your own way and get your butt in the chair. He wants you to try new things, and not be led astray by the mirage of perfection.
I can’t stress how helpful it has been to have a coach in my corner. To have someone who can stand back and see me heading down rabbit holes and steer me back to the story right in front of me. He’s honest, unapologetic, but also incredibly encouraging and open minded. I recommend John for anyone who has struggled to get their writing to the next stage, at any step in their process. I wish I’d brought him on years ago.” — Rekka Jay

“He knows a ton, and will go the extra mile for you to help you get where you want to be. John’s the guy you want in your corner, no matter what you’re doing. And if you’re ever worried that what he’s explaining is to abstract, ask him to compare it to Batman or Star Wars or something in pop culture.” — Alex Frye