Some Work I’ve Done

Here now is a partial list of things I have worked on, with links to them where possible, sorted by company or author.

For Evil Hat Productions

Dinocalypse Now by Chuck Wendig
Khan of Mars by Stephen Blackmoore
The Paranet Papers: Supplement for The Dresden Files Role-Playing Game
Fate Core Worlds in Shadow
Fate Core Worlds On Fire
Designers & Dragons, all four volumes
Atomic Robo RPG
House of Bards
Three Rocketeers

For Pelgrane Press

Night’s Black Agents
Night’s Black Agents: Double Tap
Timewatch RPG
The Night’s Black Agents DexCon Tournament

For Phoenix Outlaw Productions

Tales of the Rising Star: The Battlestar Galactica LARP
Smoke & Glass

For Green Ronin Publishing

Fate Guide to Freeport

For Brooklyn Indie Games


For Sand and Steam Productions (now Exploding Rogue)

Iron Edda
War of Metal and Bone: A Setting for Iron Edda
School Daze Honor Roll

For d20Monkey


For Genesis of Legend Publishing

The Spark in Roleplaying

Circles of Power

For Green Hat Designs


For Chris Kreuter

The Shortcut

The Intergalactic Adventures of The Rainy River Bees

For Greg Miller

The Fastnacht League

For Quinn Murphy

Five Fires

For Magpie Games

The Fate Codex
The Last Days of Anglekite

For Brian Engard

Becoming: A Game of Heroism and Sacrifice

For Galileo Games

The Ministry Initiative

For James Russell

Jesse Rules

For Andrew Illif

The Dread Forest

For David Wilson Brown

Adventures In The East Mark, Red Box

For Jamie Spencer 

Revelations: A Role-Playing Game

For Jennisodes

Project Ninja Panda Taco

For Margaret Weis Productions

Marvel Heroic Role-Playing, Civil War

Marvel Heroic Role-Playing, 50 State Initiative

Marvel Heroic Role-Playing, Annihilation Wave

For Storium


For Parvus Press

Vick’s Vultures

To Fall Among Vultures

Court of Twilight


Century of Sand

Necropolis PD

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