Your pitch and query deserve to be in their best possible shape to give your manuscript its best possible reception.

You've worked hard on your manuscript. Your pitch and query should reflect that and encourage people to want to read it, say yes to it, and take your work to that next level.


  • A good pitch imparts information along with promise of more details that can only be found in the manuscript.
  • A good pitch makes constructive use of potential to excite the reader to want more: more story, more details, more excitement.
  • A good pitch is compact and organized while still leaving the door open for the reader to want more material they can only get from reading.


  • A good query is the first place the writer's passion and creation meet a reader who wants to be picked up and moved to say "yes" to the manuscript.
  • A good query uses an economy of words to paint an engaging promise that can only be paid off by reading the manuscript.
  • A good query doesn't give the entire story away, it leads the reader forward, the way an appetizer makes you hungry for the entree.

It's time to share your story with the world.