My Field Of Dreams, An Announcement, And An Update

Happy middle-of-the-week everyone.

I find myself sitting at an interesting crossroads today.

Just like this except I'm wearing a bathrobe and slippers.

Just like this except I’m wearing a bathrobe and slippers.

It’s less than a month until my favorite convention of the year, and I’m aware of the state of my my business now more than ever. I wrestle with all the feelings of writing, producing, publishing, editing, marketing, and other business tasks. My professional and personal lives interwine in some weird caduceus, or maybe they’re more like an ouroboros. It’s hard to tell sometimes. It’s like standing in a corn maze and not knowing where the path is, but knowing there IS a path. Somewhere

Finally, I get to use this image.

Not technically a corn maze, but here, have this field of corn. You could get lost in here too. 

I’m a big believer in the risk-reward strategy that says big rewards follow big risks. This has proven true in my life with sobriety, therapy, relationships, professional awards and projects. (Also video games and cooking, now that I think about it.) So here’s me, taking a big risk.

This is my Field of Dreams, minus Ray Liotta showing up.

I’m going to build a thing, and James Earl Jones will tell me that people will show up.

Seriously Adamus, get off your ass and do this thing.

Seriously Adamus, get off your ass and do this thing.

This is what I’m announcing: Effective immediately, the Writer Next Door Coaching Program is back.

For a lot of you, that’s not a thing that’s back but a thing that’s new, so give me a paragraph or two to explain.

I believe in the power of words. I don’t think that learning how to use them, and getting good at using them are supposed to be things held by a select few who deign to hand out the same old ideas over and over again, just in a new order. I think that authors shouldn’t retreat to ivory towers. Community and connection with people is the new paramount, and the best way to do that is through the medium of good story. You, yes, you there, person reading this, you deserve every opportunity and chance to do your best. You deserve access to every tool available to make that possible.

Years ago I tried to get coaching off the ground, but I was taking some bad advice from people who put a premium on money and ignored the fact that it’s not about how much money I can make and how much free time I can have, it’s about helping people. So now, focused quite firmly in that compassion, I’m here to help people.

Coaching should encourage people. It should help them get from point A to point B, giving them tools and instruction and evidence that they can get somewhere, and do something. People are good enough. I’m good enough.

Coaching should make things easier. It isn’t mystical and weird guru cliches, it isn’t some woo-woo mumbo jumbo involving crystals and astral projections. It’s conversations, effort, review, and revision. It’s a powerful tool in the toolbox.

Any manuscript. Any genre. Any author. Any stage of production. If you’re writing it, and you need help, here I am.

You want me to be your editor? You’ll want to take note that my rates have changed.

You want my undivided attention for an hour as you get your idea out of your head, onto paper, then make the words on that paper better? Want to do all you can to get yourself publishable? Let’s talk about coaching.

I want to see you succeed. I believe in you. Let me help make this happen.

An Update on JohnCon!

Previously, I’ve spoken about JohnCon. I’m very excited to announce there’s a logo now. All the credit for this awesome design goes to Brianna Reed, because she’s amazing at this stuff.

This makes me ridiculously happy.

This makes me ridiculously happy.

How cool is that? As more things start to come together, keep updated on Twitter.

Have a great Wednesday. I’ll be back Friday with more good stuff.

Happy writing.

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