One of the most important steps in creating a manuscript is the editing process. It’s a critical benchmark and milestone in the production process as well as being essential in organizing and clarifying the writer’s thoughts and words into their best shape possible.

Without editing, a reader can easily get confused, lost, or disinterested in what they’re reading. It’s worth investing the time and effort to prevent that from happening.

It’s my goal to equip an author for success not only with one manuscript, but all the future manuscripts and projects they want to produce as well. Using the same techniques found in hourly coaching, developmental editing takes a substantial and encompassing look at what makes the story work, and what doesn’t, and then lays out all the elements that need to be tweaked, moved, or even jettisoned to get the story into its best shape for whatever its future success looks like.

Developmental Editing      ($.05 per word)
This is a more thorough and detailed editing of the manuscript. It’s a bit more time-intensive, but provides more feedback to the author. Developmental editing deconstructs the story and examines the following:
+ Sentence structure and word choice
+ Plot pacing
+ Character arc development
+ Character motivations
+ World-building
+ Story timelines
+ Climax development
+ Plot structure
+ Dialogue structure
+ Story flow and how readable it is
+ What the ideal and best audience is and how to reach them

For an additional $100, you’ll get an hour-long session specifically about how to query, market, or move forward with the manuscript.

Developmental Editing is a very technical and explicit look at not only the text on the page, but also the underlying craft elements that led the author to write what they did. It looks at plot and character as well as the sentence structure and elements not covered by what a copyedit can do. It is also an analysis of writing habits and motivation and strategies for improving both.

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