One of the most important steps in creating a manuscript is the editing process. It’s a critical benchmark and milestone in the production process as well as being essential in organizing and clarifying the writer’s thoughts and words into their best shape possible.

Without editing, a reader can easily get confused, lost, or disinterested in what they’re reading. It’s worth investing the time and effort to prevent that from happening.

I offer 2 types of editing for your manuscript. In both cases, there are in-line corrections as well as comments provided.

Copy Editing     ($.03 per word)
This is the sort of editing that we’re most familiar with if we’ve ever had an English class or what films and television show us what editors do. Copyedits check …
+ Grammar, punctuation, and spelling
+ Consistency of terminology and character names
+ Readability (plot and character)
+ Dialogue flow and formatting

Copy Editing is great when you’re confident in your manuscript, and you’re looking to give it polish before sending it off for self-publication or querying.

Developmental Editing      ($.05 per word)
This is a more thorough and detailed editing of the manuscript. It’s a bit more time-intensive, but provides more feedback to the author. Developmental Editing does all the things Copy Editing does plus …
+ Plot pacing
+ Character arc development
+ Character motivations
+ World-building
+ Climax development
+ Plot structure
+ Dialogue structure
+ Story flow

Developmental Editing is a very technical and explicit look at not only the copy and structure of the manuscript, but also the underlying craft elements that led the author to write what they did. It looks at plot and character as well as the sentence structure and elements not covered by Copy Editing along. It is also an analysis of writing habits and motivation and strategies for improving both.

For RPGs 
$0.03/word warrants an editing of the text for elements of:
+ Readability
+ Ease of Instruction (how hard is it to follow along)
+ Structure of Concepts

$0.05/word includes all of the above AND includes
+ Mechanics
+ Presentation of text
+ Tone
+ Theme

Note: The $0.05/word rate is my most common for RPG editing.