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The many words I say about Westworld’s first episode

It’s been a while since I’ve seen new television. I watch a lot of Netflix, going back through the shows I remember, highlighting the past in favor of present that is equal parts grief and stress.

What new stuff I take in comes from online sources. Movies with Mikey and various youtube channels ranging from video games to science to wrestling and all else in between. I try hard not to make it an echo chamber. But I also try to avoid drowning in the spew of news and not-normalcy that’s running around.

So when I started watching Westworld (I caught 15 minutes of its premiere but got sidetracked by other things, and ended up marathoning the show just after the finale aired), I was floored. I know, in an age of Netflix and Amazon shows, and the track record of HBO programs, you’d think I would be less engaged or less surprised that it was good. Westworld was capital-G Good throughout its season.

I turned on my microphone, I took a deep breath, and I tried to make a little commentary track to highlight good writing and storytelling elements. Too often lately I feel like I’ve been calling out the bad stuff, so this was a nice change of pace.

Here’s the audio. Hope you dig it.

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Bringing Back The Johnversation

A long time back, I thought I’d take over the world by putting up a lot of Youtube videos. It would have worked, if I put up a lot of Youtube videos.

But the Johnversation, which is really what I call any audio or video I produce, is back.

And today, we talk writer’s block. Check this out.



Okay, there’s supposed to be an embedded player here, but because I truly believe WordPress is designed to be as difficult as possible when you need it to be easy, I’m going to just link you to the page where you can click the play button. I really wish all the “paste this on your website” coding was actually easy to use.

Here’s the link to the Johnversation. I’m sorry I’m not savvy nor patient enough to get it to load. Oh also, Soundcloud can suck moldy lemons for telling me the only way I could use their service is to pay some absurd subscription fee, even though I don’t put up more than a file or two a month.

If you want to download today’s Johnversation, here’s the link.

See you in 2 days for #InboxWednesday.

Happy writing.

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A Bedside Johnversation

It’s Friday.

Have some audio.

And once you’ve listened, come check out the Google+ Community

See you guys Monday, #FiYoShiMo approaches, so go do your #NaNoWriMo thing.

Happy writing.

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Audio Blog Post #3 Carpe Minuten! Seizing Your Minutes!


I can’t believe it.

In today’s audio post, I set up some ground rules for how I’ll audio-blog and then dove into one of my favorite writing/life theories – Carpe Minuten!

And then I explain my strategy to take advantage of your time and be its master not its puppet.

Listen! Enjoy!

AND….now you can download it! There should be a link on the bottom of the track.

Happy listening (and writing and dream achieving).

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Post 110 – Audio blog!

I audioblog now! You can hear Episode 1 at Soundcloud:

Yes, it’s not perfect, but I wasn’t trying for perfect. I just wanted to see if I could do it, and I did. Go me!

There will be other audio posts…because frankly, the hardest part there was downloading the Audacity software to record it. I already had the mic and headset and all the encoders. Like so many other things, this was something I had been putting off for a variety of reasons (read: excuses and fear), but I’m so glad I did it. (hashtag – pride)

If you want me to do more, leave a comment (either here or there). If you want me to go back to just text, say so.

You’re awesome, and I hope you had a great weekend.

Happy writing.

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