I have a Youtube Channel!

So, I don’t know if you know this, but I did a big scary thing, and I’m really proud of the results.

For years (and yeah, I mean multiple years) I always said things like “Oh man, one day, I’m going to start making videos that talk about writing and encourage and empower people to be better writers and creators of awesome things.” And because I was way too scared to be responsible, I found reasons not to do it.

Sometimes these reasons where rational (for a while, I didn’t own a webcam), but mostly they were the chickenshit irrational reasons you make when you’re like seven and don’t want to eat vegetables. Reasons like “It’s raining outside and that’s killing my mood” or “I’m a fat ugly troll who no one wants to look at” or “but if I make a video, that’s going to consume time that I could otherwise spend staring out the window wishing I was making a video”.

Well, things change. And sometimes, you need something big to light a fire under your ass and make you really take stock of things. It’s time to grow up, and adhere to the hockey metaphor of “going where the puck is going to be”, which is a fancy way of saying that you want to be out in front of the curve and pushing yourself to innovate, make new things and generally not be late to your own party of awesome.

To that end, I made a Youtube channel and you should check it out. I’m still figuring out the bells and whistles, so if you have ANY suggestions on how to improve (or add graphics), PLEASE let me know.

NO, you don’t need to include things like “Lose weight” “Go fuck yourself” and “Your a peece of shit”, because I already got those covered in hatemail. Would love the positive comments though.

Rock on.

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Announcement! Classes I’m Teaching

Over on the right there you may see a new button on the sidebar in place of  the Facebook Badges (which did squat).

Yes, I’m offering online classes this Fall (September – November) and will run through just about Thanksgiving.

I’m offering 2 classes on 2 separate nights, time to be determined:

Tuesdays — Plot and Character Development
Sundays — Marketing

The price for each complete class (9 weeks) is $289.00

**The per-week cost is $75.00, if you only want certain weeks.

I’ve been wanting to do this for a long time, and haven’t had a chance until now to really put everything together. I’m excited to offer this.

So what will your purchase, which I know is a lot of money for some of you, get you? Here’s a break down.

Plot & Character Development
September 4 – November 20 (9 weeks) 

  • Learn the steps to building, fixing, crafting and evolving characters that readers enjoy following (and that you enjoy writing)
  • With actual exercises, see your own creations come to life and get advice on how to make them dance to the beats of their own drums. 
  • Learn how to build plots that drive books forward like race cars, and send people from page to page, chapter to chapter. 
  • Catch those holes in plots that make manuscripts spin out of control and fall apart

September 9 – November 25 (9 weeks)

  • Learn what happens after you finish that manuscript. 
  • Learn how marketing begins while you’re still writing.
  • Find simple strategies you can everyday FOR FREE that make a difference in sales later.
Q: How are we going to do this?
Via Google+ Hangout.
Q: How large a class will this be?
7 seats per class are available (so it’s 8 people, counting me)
Note – if there’s interest, I will consider other options for larger classes, but that will likely increase the price.
Q: How long will each session be?
Figure about 2 hours for each session, but understand that 2.5 hours isn’t out of the realm of possibility. 
Q: So what do I need in order to do this?
You’ll need a Google+ account. (It’s free).
You’ll need a microphone, and ideally, headphones to block out the fuzzy background sound.
If you want to do video, you’ll need a webcam. (Optional)
Q: I don’t have the money right now, but I will soon, what can I do?
Send me an email ASAP and say you want to reserve a seat. This is first come, first serve. But if you don’t have the money by July 30, you lose the reservation.
Q: You said on Facebook you’d do three classes, where’s that third class?
The schedule didn’t permit a third weeknight consumed. But stay tuned to Twitter for announcements about that. 
Any updates to this information will be available on the “Classes” page of this blog.
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