Month: October 2017

I’m taking a break

It’s been a while since I blogged last, and I apologize for that. It got away from me, and you deserve better, and it deserves better. Here is what’s going on.

By the time you read this, I’ll be offline, mostly. I’m taking the remainder of October off of social media, barring a few standing commitments to check in with family, I will return to tweeting, Facebookery, and this blog on November 7 (Tuesday).

I will still be available via Twitter DMs, emails, texts, and phone calls during this hiatus.

There are two reasons for this, and I’d like to outline them below.

Mental Health
Of late, the climates of several circles where I call myself a member or participant have changed substantially, and not for the better. There’s a great deal of pettiness, viciousness, and negativity both thrown and absorbed by a lot of people. Its effect on me is not just that it impacts potential work, but that it impacts me. The stress and anxiety amplifies to a somewhat paralytic level and every relationship: professional, personal, and otherwise suffers when that happens. I have a responsibility to myself before all else to be the best me I can be, and while I cannot control how you perceive me, I can control how I perceive myself. I need the space and firebreak between myself and virtual world.

There’s Work To Do
I’ve reached a conclusion that if I don’t start producing tangible materials for the new WNDo plans, they’ll remain ephemeral. And I can spend all day talking about how great they’ll be, or I can spend the hours a day working on them. These projects ideally will support not just my income, but my future business plans, so they deserve more than my talk. It’s time to put in the work and make them happen.


To recap:

Twitter DMs only and no tweetstorms until November 7. Tweetstorms and regular tweeting will resume November 7 at 9am ET. 

No Facebook beyond existing commitments. Facebook will resume at some point on November 7. 

No Instagram until November 7. I bet you didn’t even know I was on Instagram. 

I will be available via email, Twitter DM, text, and phone call.

There will be a blogpost going up on November 7 to indicate my return to social media, and if all goes according to plan, I’ll be doing with new material in hand.

In the interim, here is a brief list of media I recommend you consume:

This book.
Chuck Wendig’s new book on storytelling.
Absolutely everything Chainsawsuit produces, here and here.
This video.
This other video.
This book.
This book too.
This book.
This show.
Everything here.

So, until we speak next. Don’t you dare fucking give up, don’t let the assholes keep you down, and happy writing.



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