Introduce Characters

The first chapter has to give us a character (or characters) to follow and invest in. 

Introduce The World

Your job is to put a movie in the reader's head. What do they see? How do you direct their focus and attention? 

Introduce Tone

HOW you convey information and atmosphere to the reader is as important as what you're conveying.

First Chapters Are Important

The first chapter of any story is the reader's first opportunity to meet your story's characters, world, and tone. It's critical then that the chapter not only manage the reader's expectations but also give your story the momentum and clarity it deserves to be its best. A First Chapter Diagnosis looks at all the nuts and bolts that go into your story's start and with your success in mind, helps you build a road map to organize your ideas, clarify your storytelling, and help you reach your goals. 

So what is a First Chapter Diagnosis?

It's a detailed look at the foundations of your characters. If these are the people the reader is supposed to invest in, then it's critical that any introductions to them encourage us to care and keep caring about all that they're going to go through. 

It's a detailed look at the foundations of your plot. This is the conflict central to the story, and the first chapter is the first opportunity to show its potential and its ramifications. Even if you don't get into the depths of plot by the end of the chapter (and you don't have to), the plot is out there, like a shark prowling the waters, and it's worth talking about how it comes into play.

It's a detailed look at the foundations of your story's world. The stage upon which your characters will fret, strut, and effort to resolve the plot and their arcs is where you get to show off those descriptions and explanations of the world around the characters, like we've got a movie playing in our heads. Where you put our focus, how you move it and hold it, how you make the world seem like more than a convenient backdrop for people to do things, it all matters.

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