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Writing is the act of making decisions

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I'm John Adamus, and since 1997, my entire career has been working with people to tell their stories. Whether in television, film, stage, or publishing, I have worked with talented creatives who have all different kinds of stories to tell. And now I want to help you. 

As the Writer Next Door, I've got 3 simple rules:

  • Keep It Practical
  • Keep It Actionable
  • Keep It Going

With so much writing and publishing "advice" out there, it can be frustrating and confusing for someone who wants to create or broadcast or publish. And this is why what I can do makes a difference. I help sift through all the noise and conflicting information to find the tools that work for you, because advice and information is meaningless if it cannot be applied to what you're trying to do. Going a step further, I will help you translate the practical advice into actionable advice, because your creative goals can't just stay in your head - you need to know not only what to do, but how best to do so you can get what you want. And lastly, when you find the right combination of advice and techniques that lead to production, it's encouraging. You see your idea come to life and see your goal coming closer with every step you take. 

That's what I'm passionate about. That's what I want for you, no matter what you're creating. 

Work with me if you're ready to make your creative dreams your created reality. 


I believe that no matter who you are, you deserve the best life possible, and that includes your creative endeavors as well. You've got stories to tell, and I want to help you tell them. The medium doesn't matter. Your experience doesn't matter. You can learn to produce your ideas and get better at accomplishing them.